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It was 2012, we had our first experience by using pestemal in our holidays.

Pestemal is a light, woven towel, a multi-purpose piece of fabric, friendly to the skin.

Ideal for the beach, the pool, the gym, sauna, spa, yoga, trips, vacations and the baby care.

It is so light and convenient that you will adore it.

Woven with pure, natural, high quality materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, silk and natural colorants, it is friendly for your skin and environment.

We were excited when we found out its countless uses.

We could see that everyone loved it.

MAREORA collection can be found in selected shops, in almost every Greek island and mainland Greece, as well as in selected shops around the world.

MAREORA renewed collection includes, pestemal towels, beach towels, round towels, bags, kid’s ponchos, home collection, oversized throws, blankets, as well a fantastic women wear collection.


mareora.gr the Greek brand.


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