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Pestemal is a light, woven towel, a multi-purpose piece of fabric.
Ideal for the beach, the pool, the gym, sauna, spa, yoga, trips, vacations and the baby care.
It is so light and convenient that you will adore it. You will get excited when you find out its countless uses.
Greek design,woven with pure, natural, high quality materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, silk and natural colorants, it is friendly for your skin and environment. A product you can trust for use.
It comes in many shapes and colors and itʼs a multi-purpose piece of fabric. All these make pestemal an integral part of your everyday life, since pestemal is:

Modern and tasteful
Light and convenient
Fits in your drawer, bag or suitcase
Gets dry easily
Extremely absorbent (absorbs 4 times its weight)
The more it gets washed, the smoother and more absorbent it becomes.
Doesnʼt hold the sand
The ideal accessory for any activity